Find a Roofing Contractor, That’s Right For You

Which Roofer to Trust?

Finding the right roofing contractor for your new roof project could be a nightmare. After all, the roof is quite an important part of your property, perhaps only second to the foundations. So which roofing companies can you trust?

100% – 10/10 – Excellent Reviews

There are more and more websites offering “honest reviews” of tradesmen. Which, Checkatrade, Trusted, Rated, to name but a few. Until recently they would be taken at face value, providing lots of eye-catching excellent reviews for the companies that advertise on their organ. “Mr S was pleasantly surprised that his new flat roof was finished on time and within budget.” “After they installed my slate roof they left my house very clean and tidy, they were very professional, Mrs J.”

However, consumers are getting more cynical about the validity of “review websites”, and rightly so?

Finding A Roofer Pre-Internet…

What did you do before the advent of the World Wide Web? How did you ever get your roofs repaired, your guttering renewed, or your chimneys repointed? Is it true we used to go out of an evening to get a date rather than swiping a screen? Well the truth is you managed.

Pre-internet you used recommendations. Someone you knew had his cement tiled roof replaced with some nifty terracotta tiles, it looked great. You would ask how nice the workmen were, how professional they were, and how expensive they were. You would get a first hand account, review and recommendation from someone you knew and trusted, simple.

You might have seen scaffolding and a new roof being constructed on a nearby property. You would watch with interest as the project progressed. Keeping mental notes on the tidiness, working schedule and whether they used a portaloo. You might have approached the owner at some point, but more likely you would have called the number on the van, or on the compulsory banner attached to the house, and got them in for a survey and quotation on your house.

Trusting Your Instincts

Back in the day you used to trust yourself. You would meet your prospective roofer face to face. You would show him the proposed work, listen to what he has to say, determine his expertise and trustworthiness. A good roofer will know what is best for you and your property. He will explain what needs doing using a reasonable mix of technical terms and common language. He will take care to be thorough, realistic and above all, honest.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

All Roofing UK would love to visit you and your property, providing expert advice, surveying the required work and providing you with a free, no obligation quotation. We can explain in easy to understand terms what work is required and what it may cost. We don’t advertise on Checkatrade, or similar websites, but we can provide you with references from real clients that we have worked for before.

Which Roofer can you Trust?

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