For slate roofing Wallington look no further than All Roofing UK. Our professionals understand how to best deal with the individual characteristics of slate roofing. Traditional roof slating has been used for centuries in the UK and worldwide. Roof slates are a natural product, they are fireproof and waterproof, and if dealt with by expert roofers they last.

There are many roofing companies that will take one look at a perfectly good Wallington slate roof and suggest a complete replacement with tiles. This isn’t always necessary and a professional repair and replacement of affected slates by roofing experts can get your roof back to tip-top condition.

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On occasion a slate roof may have been neglected over a prolonged period and a complete re-roof may be required. Some roofing contractors will suggest replacing your roof with generic clay tiles. However, if you love the look of your traditional slate tiled roof, All Roofing UK have the expertise and roofers than can completely replace your slate roof.

Slate Roofing Wallington


Slate Roof Repairs Wallington by All Roofing UK. Providing excellent advice on repairing slate roofs in Wallington.

We have renovated perfectly good slate roofs that other roofing companies have suggested replacing. Often each of these roofs have another 40 or 50 years life in them. Our expert knowledge in matching slate, understanding the roof deck, providing the correct flashing and expert cutting.

All our tiled roofing supplies come from well respected and leading manufacturers. Brands such as Cembrit or Marley Eternity, the go-to choice for environmentally friendly fibre cement slating. Cembrit and Redland supply excellent natural roof slates.

Whatever your requirements, or your concerns, call All Roofing UK and we will provide you with honest, reliable and cost effective advice.

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Slate Roof Repairs Wallington

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